Teeth Whitening

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The experienced dental team at My Ashburn Dentist provides effective teeth-whitening solutions to restore the radiance of your smile and enhance your self-assurance. Over time, food, drinks, and personal habits can take a toll on your smile, causing embarrassment and the urge to hide it. If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about discolored teeth, schedule an appointment for professional cosmetic teeth whitening with the experienced team at My Ashburn Dentist.

With in-office whitening, your teeth can become noticeably whiter in just one visit.

Your dentist uses specialized tools to safeguard your gums and lips while applying a concentrated whitening solution to your teeth. In some cases, a special light may also be used to help the whitening solution penetrate deeper and break up stubborn stains. Within an hour, you can achieve a brighter smile.

At-home whitening involves your dentist creating a custom-designed bleaching tray by taking an impression of your smile.

Once the tray is made, you can fill it with a whitening solution and wear it at home for the amount of time prescribed by your dentist. These trays are molded to fit your teeth snugly and ensure the whitening solution remains in contact with your teeth while keeping your gums protected. By following the prescribed treatment plan, you can achieve a brighter smile in just a matter of days.