ZOOM teeth Whitening

ZOOM teeth whitening

Teeth whitening before and after

Teeth whitening before and after

Professional teeth whitening service from My Ashburn Dentist.

Endless Whitening Program

My Ashburn Dentist is proud to offer our patients Whitening for Life! We pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our office. This program is extended to patients who have proven that they take their oral hygiene and general dental health seriously. We believe it is extremely important to maintain recommended hygiene care appointments and to receive necessary dental treatment to maintain a healthy a beautiful smile. In fact, patients who maintain regular hygiene appointments and receive recommended treatment, on average spend less money on dental care than those who only see a dentist when they perceive a problem exists. All too often, people who wait until there is a problem have irreversible damage to their gums, teeth and/or jaw.
Whitening for Life patients will receive one set of custom whitening trays with 2 tubes of whitening gel. With each prescribed hygiene appointment, an additional tube of whitening gel will be dispensed. This privilege does require some rules, restrictions, and regulations. Below is a brief description of the qualifiers for this program. Please read through them carefully.
Activation Rules & Regulations:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must complete initial X-rays, professional cleaning, and dental exam
  • Must comply with minimum required dental care per My Ashburn Dentist
  • After completion of all necessary dental treatment, impressions will be taken for professional whitening trays
  • Must comply with all Otsego Dental Group policies regarding payment and broken appointments
  • Must make all scheduled appointments. Cancellation will be made with a minimum 48 hour notice and original appointment rescheduled within 2 weeks
Lifetime Maintenance Rules & Regulations:
  • Must maintain minimum continued care as treatment planned by My Ashburn Dentist, its doctors, and staff.
  • Must maintain continued hygiene care (3, 4, or 6 month hygiene appointments)
  • A maximum of 1 whitening solution refill will be rewarded at a re-care appointment 2x annually.
Additional whitening solutions may be purchased between visits.
  • Lost or destroyed whitening trays will be replaced at a cost to patient.

Teeth Whitening In Ashburn

A bright smile imparts a sense of health and vitality. Professional teeth whitening is a great way to boost the wattage of your grin and to remove stains or discoloration that develops over time. The team at My Ashburn Dentist offers fast and effective results. If you live in or around Ashburn, Virginia, and would like to learn more, call the office or schedule an appointment online for a teeth whitening consultation.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Numerous determinants can cause your teeth to become discolored. Some of those factors are preventable, while others are not. Understanding how discoloration occurs can help you to avoid actions that can lead your smile to lose its brightness.
These are some common causes of tooth discoloration:
  • Inadequate dental hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride
  • Trauma to the teeth
  • Smoking or other tobacco use
  • Certain types of disease
As you can see, many different things can negatively impact your smile, not all of which are within your control.

What Role Do Age And Genetics Play In Yellowing Teeth?

Four types of tissue compose your teeth. The center portion is a soft tissue known as pulp. Cementum is a hard tissue that covers the root of each tooth. Dentin is a hard yellow tissue that lies beneath both your enamel and cementum, and your enamel is the tooth’s outermost layer.
Because your enamel is fully calcified, it can’t repair itself. As your enamel wears away, more of the dentin is exposed, making your tooth appear yellow. Some people have a genetic makeup that creates thinner enamel than others, which can hasten the yellowing of teeth as you age.

Are Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Products Effective?

Numerous whitening products available in drugstores promise to brighten and whiten your smile. Whitening toothpaste, bleach strips, dental rinses, and even some tray systems can all make a difference in the shade of your teeth.
However, none of these products can match the power of professional teeth whitening. Dr. Rusznak has access to laser teeth whitening systems and powerful tray bleaching options that are only available to dental professionals. These solutions offer fast, effective, and safe whitening.
Over-the-counter whitening toothpastes and rinses are a good option for men and women who want to maintain the whiteness and gleam of their smiles in between professional whitening visits.
To learn more about the whitening options at My Ashburn Dentist, schedule a professional cleaning today, and discuss your concerns during your visit.

Get the smile of a lifetime.

The Endless Whitening Program is a great way to keep your smile looking its brightest for years to come. As long as you keep your regular hygiene appointments (as recommended), we’ll give you free whitening refills — for life.

How do I join?

First, consult with your dental professional to see if you are a whitening candidate. Then, purchase a whitening procedure (in-office or take-home) to join the program.

How does it work?

Once you enroll, be sure to maintain your regular hygiene appointments as prescribed by your dental professional, and we’ll give you a free whitening syringe after each appointment.

What is the cost?

You are required to purchase an initial whitening treatment, including custom-made whitening trays. After that, there is no additional cost for the ongoing touch-up syringes.

What if I miss my appointment?

If you miss a regularly scheduled appointment, your membership may be cancelled. To re-enroll, ask your dental professional for a new plan (which may include an additional fee).

Teeth Whitening To Improve Your Smile & Confidence

Tooth discoloration is a common problem among adults and children in Virginia. There are many causes of tooth discoloration, including inadequate dental hygiene, smoking, certain medications, and more. If you’re ready to transform your smile with professional teeth whitening, contact My Ashburn Dentist today.