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2012-02-28 12:25:09

My family had a lot of dental work done with excellent results at My Ashburn Dentist from root canals, crowns to teeth whitening. Dr. Rusznak and his staff went out of their way to make sure that we were all comfortable and not in any pain.

Charisze Landen

2012-02-23 09:53:05

My daughter had a full set of dentures done and as always the results from Dr. Rusznak are great.


2012-02-23 09:49:43

My husband went to Dr. Rusznak’s office to get some dental work done. After a long consultation, He ended up having 10 crowns and 4 root canals which were very painless. And now, my husband has a new set of teeth and we couldn’t be happier with the results.


2012-02-23 09:46:55

I just had crowns put in on several of my teeth. The procedure was detailed and meticulous and I was absolutely pleased with the outcome.


2012-02-23 09:43:36

Everyone at My Ashburn Dentist is so organized and professional. They are even open everyday. I always get an appointment quickly and if there is an emergency Dr. Rusznak is just a phone call away.


2012-02-23 09:40:05

Dr. Rusznak was referred to me by my friend. He did an amazing job performing a root canal and internally bleaching the tooth to the color of the surrounding teeth. The whole thing was painless.

Jinnie Nicol Bond

2012-02-17 12:43:56

Dr. Rusznak put veneers where I had caps before, and my teeth look really amazing.


2012-02-17 12:43:09

One of my porcelain veneers fell off and Dr. Rusznak did a great job replacing it. He cares about my opinion and what I am comfortable with. I am looking forward to my next checkup.


2012-02-17 12:37:45

My mother had some major work done and Dr. Rusznak took the time to explain all of her options and made her make a decision without any pressure. His dental hygienist, Hannah cleaned all my teeth without any pain and abrasions. We are so happy with the results and the experience.


2012-02-14 15:34:37

I had all of my wisdom teeth removed last Wednesday. And surprisingly, I left with barely any pain. It's Friday now and there is no pain and swelling which I was so worried about.