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2016-12-06 18:25:51

I work just a few minutes away from here. I scheduled an appointment at 12. just around my break. They finished the mold quick, just before my break ends. I got the dentures 2 days later. Fits perfectly.

Williams Walker

2016-08-10 01:56:35

So far, I'm very happy about their service. I've been a customer for 3 years now. I had him put my sons's braces too. I have a history of teeth deform in the family and his works are life savers. I don't even need to force my son to go to the dentist at all. He makes every visit worthwhile.

Lorna S.

2016-08-04 16:48:53

Let me start out that My Asburn Dentistry is first class business. The staff is very friendly, always notifys me when my appointment is coming up, (phone calls, text , email), because im coming from 1.5 h away.. (Yes form 1.5 Maryland)...The staff also accommodate my schedule staying late or coming early, not to mention that Dr Rusznak gave me a huge financial brake when i was between insurance policys. Another important thing that Dr Rusznak speaks multiple languages so he can explain for hes patients what work has to be done and how much will cost them!!


2016-07-18 22:29:07

I am a long time patient of Dr Rusnack,maybe 10 years .He did some restoration and aestethic work and i am very happy with the results .The experience i have with his practice is pleasant beginning with communication, professional staff openness to scheduling and fast and accurate treatment.All this plus pain free appointments and treatment made me keep My Ashburn Dentist .By the way i live an hour away from Ashburn .


2016-07-12 02:08:01

His patient’s education pages are worth watching. I learned a lot from them.

Alexander Bell

2016-06-23 09:38:45

Searched around and finally found a dentist with an efficient friendly staff, great professional service and skilled dentists.

Layla Sanders

2016-05-24 00:02:30

We called the office to get an appointment with DDS Rusznak, the office assistant gives appropriate details and schedules available.

Alicia O'Neil

2016-05-18 20:30:02

My ashburn dentist attracts a lot of loyal customers with its service. Specially with its restoration and root canal services.


2016-05-16 19:41:58

Stayplate worked for the tooth i had extracted. It's only temporary though while I’m still waiting for my permanent dentures.


2016-05-12 00:24:57

I play sports and need a good mouth guard. I had one custom made here. Fits perfectly and best of all, i got it in time before my next game.